30th Anniversary Film                          26th April 2014

On April 26th 1984 the world lost a unique musical talent with the death of composer and arranger, BARRY GRAY. 30 years on, on April 26th 2014, film-maker Len Davies and Producer of the 2008 Barry Gray Centenary Concert; Ralph Titterton, are releasing a unique short film to mark this occasion.

Created from Gray’s very own collection of home movies, many in formats long since dis-used for many decades, Len Davies has had these films transferred to a digital format, and from this edited together this short film that portrays the character of the man who was Barry Gray. Together with the soundtrack of his most famous composition, the March for Thunderbirds, it is hoped that this will be a fitting tribute to mark this 30th anniversary of his death.

First screened during the 2008 Barry Gray Centenary Concert, this will be the first time this film has become publically available for all to see.